Michael Graziano Electronic Clothing

Michael Graziano Clothing

The world's first brand to both design and produce electroluminescent clothing in the world. The Electroluminescent designs emit light, which is audio sensitive, so your clothing moves to the beat of the music. 

Since its foundation, Michael Graziano clothing has striven to create innovative appeal in the blossoming techno and house culture. These t shirts are fused with the upbeat and exciting music, so you can create a unique look amidst the crowd. Worn by DJs and partiers alike, Michael Graziano Clothing has been seen in festivals and clubs around the globe. 

Michael Graziano designs are an accumulation of famous lyrics, timeless designs, and expressive pictures. This unprecedented combination will be something any music lover and fashion critic can appreciate. 

Wearing this brand is truly an interactive experience. Your attire will be "alive", while making your appearance exciting throughout the night. As music envelopes your surroundings, the electroluminescent designs will light up the night and your shirt will move to the beat of your heart.